Documents For Imports

The following documents are necessary for clearance of imported goods in India.

  • Invoice in original Attested by Bank Packing list Original Bill of Lading/AWB
  • Original endorsed by the Importer & Bank (if any).
  • Insurance Certificate/Cover note.
  • Purchase Order & Letter of Credit (if any)
  • Price List/Sale Contract
  • Import License (if the Item requires License)
  • Write-up/Literature (if it is Chemical Item) & Catalogue

Documents For Exports

The following documents are mandatory to plan successful shipment of goods from India to overseas buyers:

  • Invoice in original Attested by Bank
  • Packing List
  • GR/SDF form duly signed by Exporter
  • Copy of the Letter of Credit
  • Purchase Order
  • Agency Certification (if reqd.)